Stan Lee revient sur son caméo dans Captain America


Lors du Comic Con, l'immortel Stan Lee était au micro pour nous parler en quelques mots de son prochain caméo dans le prochain Captain America !

Une chose est sûre, il compte bien voler la vedette à Chris Evan !

Stan Lee revient sur son caméo dans le film Captain America :

"They're shooting it in England, but they've sort of hinted that they may shoot some scenes here in the United States. If so, I'll be banging on the door saying, 'Where's my cameo?'"

"The funny thing is, I don't usually play people from the show except when I was Willie Lumpkin in 'Fantastic Four,' and I was somebody else in one of the other cameos."

"Usually I'm some stranger who has nothing to do with the show!"

"I might just be a face in the crowd," he added, "but certainly a memorable face that I hope the camera will linger on for a second or two!"

On risque donc de remarquer le caméo du maître !

Source : comicbookmovie

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